Hi, guys i recommend this book.

Spoiler Alert!! This book is awesome

Published: September 24,2013

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Genres: Children’s Literature

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Country: USA

Awards: John Newbery Medal

This is my review on the book Flora & Ulysses

To start off this book is amazing. The dynamics in this book is crazy. It starts off with a girl named Flora she is interesting and a natural born cynic. One day she looks out the window and she sees her neighbor using a vacuuming her yard. I know vacuuming right? Well everything was fine until she sucked up a squirrel. In Flora’s world she thinks that she can be a super hero and save the squirrel. Once she escape from her house and her mother who by the way wasn’t paying any attention to her at all. She went next door and gives the squirrel mouth-to-mouth. I know what your thinking a mouth-to-mouth on a squirrel. Now, they say that the squirrel has “special powers” because he lifted up the vacuum cleaner. A squirrel? A squirrel!! Then Flora decides to keep him and she has to sneak him into her house. Anyways, this squirrel is hairless because of the vacuum accident. So, then Flora catches Ulysses typing on her mother’s typewriter and thought it was amazing. Anyways, the book goes on about epic and crazy things that Flora discovers about Ulysses and she is blown away that a squirrel can do all this. In the end, we learns and understand that its not easy for a girl like Flora the pressure of family, friends, and trying to be a part of the “normal people”. On that hand she also has a superhero squirrel that we learn that she is quite smart. Flora is a natural born cynic and she’s proud of that. She goes back and forth thinking about who she wants to be. She ends up going on adventures with Ulysses. I really like reading this book and I think you should read it too! It’s a great read and it tells you about a different life besides the one that we live.

By India D.