Hello everyone, if you have every been lied to and didn’t know. I’m here to tell you a few ways how you tell if someone is lying:

  1. Nervous Traits        (Ex: Biting of the nails, Stuttering,or rocking back and forth,etc…)
  2. The person will not look you in the eye.
  3. They will start off with a question or by saying “um”.
  4. They will get caught up in the lie.
  5. If you ask a question they will say “um no reason”
  6. Won’t get to the point \
  7. Tell this whole story that has nothing to do with what they have done

Can you tell if Frank is lying?

Here I go I say in my mind. i can’t believe i’m about to say tell her that. “Mom can i talk to you for a second” i called out to my mom who was in the kitchen. ” Sure honey come sit down in here and talk to me” she replied. “Well d-do you know that fish that Cassidy loves so much?” i asked. ” Yes” she said worried. “Well i um may have hit his bowl with a book and killed him no big deal” i said tapping my foot and rocking in the chair. “What!! Sir you are grounded” she yelled.