The Miami Book Fair.


Star Rating: 5 stars ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is my second year coming to the book fair and yet they have still surprised me. They have different cultures, companies, and different genres of books. I personally loved visiting the book fair. From books about mysteries to books about nonfictional topics. The book fair is the place where you can go and have fun and find the books you have been wanting since it came out. There are books for a dollar, books that are fresh out the market, and books that are about a culture. I got 6 books in total. The bonus was THEY WERE ALL FOR A DOLLAR!! There are many destinations you could go. Some are children’s alley, the swamp, and the porch. Children’s alley is for the kids. They have shows that include awesome break dancing, face painting, science experiments, and many cartoon characters. The porch has wonderful treats to eat. In the swamp you can get  green juices. When coming to the book fair be prepared. You’ll have fun and see some amazing books. Maybe you can swing by an author’s presentation. I know I did and it was splendid. His name was Ridley Pearson. A very adventurous man he is. He told us how to look beyond a picture and you can use imagination to see different things. He is the author of the book series Kingdom Keepers and now Revenge. So, go swing by the fair next year. Trust me it’ll be fun!