Published: August 15, 2015

Author: Ellen Booraem

Genre: Penguin / Dial Books for Young Readers

Publisher: Dial Books

Country: USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where you can buy it?: Amazon, Barnes& Nobles, and EBay


If you want to read this book DON’T READ THIS!! texting the Underworld is a strange story with imaginative plotting and action. Donor, Javier, Glennie, and Grumps are interesting characters. The family dynamics are genuine. Tight bonds between father and son, brother and sister,were often fraught with tension and secrets, dad so angry every time Grumps, his father, mentions banshees. Secrets are found even in the underworld, a dark place with humor, oddities, and fear to intrgue any lover of paranormal storytelling. It was hard to not endulge myself in the book. I didn’t know what a banshee was until now. Kids my age will love the overlapping layers.