Title: Sleeping freshmen never lie

Author: David Lubar

Genre: Young-adult fiction

Country: USA

Awards:  Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award

Rating: 5 stars

Where you can buy it: Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, etc.. For $9.99

Scott is like any other freshman boy. He has a crush on a girl he couldn’t get. Julia was like diamond in a museum. He couldn’t get her. Every chance he got it failed. So, he just admired from afar. He became the writer for the newspaper all to make Julia notice him. Which, Ouch! ended him up getting beat up by Julia’s boyfriend. if this wasn’t enough pain he was loosing his friend. Some moving, some joining school clubs, and some finding girlfriends. You would think he was all alone, but nope! There comes a new girl with all pierces. They bonded over the literature and he started to like her. Bye bye Julia Hello Lee. Though everything was going good oh so you thought. Just when things were getting good Scott realized that one’s word has a big impact on someone’s life. When his friend “Mouth” tried to commit suicide. NO BULLYING!! While going through craziness with his school life his family life was not going so good. His brother, Bobby, was trying to find himself and his parents were focused on their third son. This book was insane and will play with your emotions, but i dare you to read it.