Title: Pennyroyal Academy

Author: M.A Larson

Published on: Oct.7,2014

Where to buy: Google,Barnes and Nobles,Amazon, Goodreads


In my opinion this book was strange. Basically what happens is a girl doesn’t know her name or no idea where she is. Weird right!😕 She finds herself in the middle of a world war. Duck!!😂 Anyways she later enlists at the famous school for princesses and knights 👑. Pennyroyal. They are trained to fight the two great enemies, which are witches and dragons.👹👿 It was here she was named Evie. She has to endure harsh training regimen from her Fairy Drill sergeant. Can we say scary?😨 All of this to keep up with this and with new friends or maybe even enemies.😔 The rest of the story goes on with Evie learning how to be a proper princess👸 and learning things about her family. Though her she had her two friends by her side. Something cliché happened. Yup you guessed it. She had a love spark💝. She finally realized that the war between princesses and witches is more personal than she thought. This was probably one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever read.