Title: Love In The Time Of Cholera

Author: Gabriel García Márque


Awards: The National Bestseller, Oprah’s Book Club

Where you can buy: Barnes & Nobles, Amazon


This strange yet fascinating 🤔 love story is complicated yet simple. The starts off with Dr.Urbino getting a telephone call 📞he answer and is told devastating news, his friend has commuted suicide. This is a lot to take in for Urbino. He calls the lover of his dear friend and she tells him that his friend killed himself because he never wanted to be old.😑 Excuse me? Sir everybody gets old. Next  the story goes on to talk about how Dr.Urbino died which was why trying to catch his talking parrot up in a mango tree. The story goes on to explain the love story between Dr.Urbino’s wife, Fermina Daza. Which if you read it says that Cholera a disease that Fermina was thought to have is the main reason the two became lovers. It went into the past and giving every detail. I can just tell you right now her family wanted her to marry him for the wrong reasons❌. Just because of his job and his money🤑.Florentino, a hopeless man whose in love with Fermina. Though after she rejects him even as they were engaged his love for her never left. As the story goes on it explains how the two slowly fell in love and became husband and wife 💐. This was a magnificent love story that shows that love can prevail. A man whom was madly in love with a woman has kept his love for her for five decades and has not seen any other woman attractive.It can make you cry and be all sappy. It was an amazing story and I recommend it to you to read.