Q: Write an overall impression of what Vladek went through Auschwitz and how it changed him. How has it affected Artie and Francoise?

A: Can you imagine watching men get shot in front of you? Walking over dead bodies? This is only part of the horrific suffering that Vladek had to live through. Separated from his first love made his life a living hell. Put in these camps where you were either put to work or killed. Only fed little cups of soup and stale bread. However, being as clever and swift on his feet as he was Vladek was able to survive and even get the love of his life back. Having experience in being a tin worker and a shoemaker. Not only did he make shoes he fixed most of the Germans boots which were tore up pretty bad. In return they gave him food and this he shared some and saved. He had saved enough of his cigarettes to get Anja transfer. She looked as pale and skinny as ever. Moving her to the camp he able to take care of her. It has made him more grateful for the things he has and has taught him how not to spend money unless needed. He has been without food and knows how it is. This has affected Artie and Francoise because now knowing all he has been through it still frustrates them when he doesn’t do things the normal way. The way they use is not the way he uses. Instead of throwing away food he trades it. Going through the war has made him learn how to appreciate things and the time you have with people. So, when he starts to try to spend more time with them they seem to like and somewhat dislike the idea. They love him, but yet sometimes can’t stand him.