This project was for my Biomedical Health Class. It was a really testing project that either proves if you really understand the responsibility of being a parent at a very young age. The baby is  being represented by an egg. To show that a baby is fragile and any little injury can cause really big consequences. Such as death. You have to pick the safest carrier for your baby and to be quite honest going into this project I never thought I would get attached to the egg. Though you start to get protective over this egg that is not a real baby. You have to follow the criteria of the project and are allowed to put your personal taste to it. So, this project was a big learning lesson. Taking care of a child at such a young age or at 18 it’s a lot of responsibility especially if your all alone. Though it was interesting for me to try my best not to crack or break my egg.My baby name is Kehlani (I know I spelled it wrong on the paper oops sorry) she is such an inspiration to me and what better way to show her how much I love and appreciate her then naming my egg baby after her 🤗