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Read this👇🏾👌🏼 Amazing book


Author📖🐛: Sean Covey

Genre: Self-help

Published: October 8, 1998

Where to buy: Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Google Play, Walmart(Online)

Well let’s start off with this: I’ve read so many books 📖dealing with what “teenagers” are like. Though this book has very much striked a positive and motivated interest in me😊. The books starts of with a little note from the author telling some stories from his teen life. There are 7 different habits that all teenagers should use.Haha and the book name is 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teenagers. So, the 7 habits are*drum roll please*:
◦ Be Proactive🤗
◦ Begin with the End in Mind🙃
◦ Put First Things First😀
◦ Think Win-Win🤔
◦ Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood😆
◦ Synergize
◦ Sharpen the Saw💪🏾
Corey goes on to explain each and every habit🤓. I believe that if your about to become a teen or is a teen that this book is perfect to read. If your in the transition from middle to high school this book will help set your first year🙀. All around I believe this book is amazing.

The Return Book Trailer

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Future Me


Dear future me,

I want you to know that you don’t have to hold back. Take the world by storm. Pursue your career. Don’t let what people say shape who you are. Even give a thanks to those teachers who helped you. If you haven’t gotten it yet you should have your masters degree. Your the best nurse I think I ever saw. Work it girl! I think you should be brave face your mistakes and your emotions. Stop holding your feelings. Let them go and shout it to the world. Remember your a Harmonizer for life.

Sincerely, Present You



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Pennyroyal Academy


Title: Pennyroyal Academy

Author: M.A Larson

Published on: Oct.7,2014

Where to buy: Google,Barnes and Nobles,Amazon, Goodreads


In my opinion this book was strange. Basically what happens is a girl doesn’t know her name or no idea where she is. Weird right!😕 She finds herself in the middle of a world war. Duck!!😂 Anyways she later enlists at the famous school for princesses and knights 👑. Pennyroyal. They are trained to fight the two great enemies, which are witches and dragons.👹👿 It was here she was named Evie. She has to endure harsh training regimen from her Fairy Drill sergeant. Can we say scary?😨 All of this to keep up with this and with new friends or maybe even enemies.😔 The rest of the story goes on with Evie learning how to be a proper princess👸 and learning things about her family. Though her she had her two friends by her side. Something cliché happened. Yup you guessed it. She had a love spark💝. She finally realized that the war between princesses and witches is more personal than she thought. This was probably one of the weirdest stories I’ve ever read.


Book Review: Sleeping freshman NEVER LIE



Title: Sleeping freshmen never lie

Author: David Lubar

Genre: Young-adult fiction

Country: USA

Awards:  Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award

Rating: 5 stars

Where you can buy it: Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, etc.. For $9.99

Scott is like any other freshman boy. He has a crush on a girl he couldn’t get. Julia was like diamond in a museum. He couldn’t get her. Every chance he got it failed. So, he just admired from afar. He became the writer for the newspaper all to make Julia notice him. Which, Ouch! ended him up getting beat up by Julia’s boyfriend. if this wasn’t enough pain he was loosing his friend. Some moving, some joining school clubs, and some finding girlfriends. You would think he was all alone, but nope! There comes a new girl with all pierces. They bonded over the literature and he started to like her. Bye bye Julia Hello Lee. Though everything was going good oh so you thought. Just when things were getting good Scott realized that one’s word has a big impact on someone’s life. When his friend “Mouth” tried to commit suicide. NO BULLYING!! While going through craziness with his school life his family life was not going so good. His brother, Bobby, was trying to find himself and his parents were focused on their third son. This book was insane and will play with your emotions, but i dare you to read it.



The Giver Game

The giver game1 BY INDIA


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Book Review : Texting the Underworld


Published: August 15, 2015

Author: Ellen Booraem

Genre: Penguin / Dial Books for Young Readers

Publisher: Dial Books

Country: USA

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where you can buy it?: Amazon, Barnes& Nobles, and EBay


If you want to read this book DON’T READ THIS!! texting the Underworld is a strange story with imaginative plotting and action. Donor, Javier, Glennie, and Grumps are interesting characters. The family dynamics are genuine. Tight bonds between father and son, brother and sister,were often fraught with tension and secrets, dad so angry every time Grumps, his father, mentions banshees. Secrets are found even in the underworld, a dark place with humor, oddities, and fear to intrgue any lover of paranormal storytelling. It was hard to not endulge myself in the book. I didn’t know what a banshee was until now. Kids my age will love the overlapping layers.

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