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Book Review: Of Mice and Men

“Of Mice and Men” was not only one emotional novel, but also presents an dominate-submissive relationship. George Milton and Lennie Small are migrant farmworkers. They go from farm to farm working and saving up on money. George and Lennie both share this big “perfect American dream” that they are going to get rich and have tons of dogs on acres of land that they will own. However, Lennie Small ironically isn’t as small as you may think. He is actually tall and huge. Lennie has a mental defect that caused much trouble for him when going from farm to farm. George doesn’t want to let Lennie alone because he knows that Lennie has an manor of that of a child. Overall, as I don’t want to spoil the book it was an amazing experience reading it an learning how that time used to be.


Journal: Freshman Year

Freshman year was…interesting. I made new friends and got my first high school experiences. Meeting new people is always nerve wrecking. However, I beat that fear and now I’m friends with people I didn’t know that I could ever talk to in my life. My confidence has sort of become a bit more higher. Although, I don’t think I’ll feel fully confident until I get into my higher rank. This year was funny and I had a lot of laughs. Chemistry stresses me out to the max and having Algebra 2 along with is was just the icing on the cake. I passed though.Yay! On to the next…I guess…

Wow! High School

There’s this giant roller coaster that you should check out. It has two levels and will drive you possibly crazy. It’s called high school. Not to long ago I made this website when I was in my last year of Junior High or middle school. However, now I’m almost at the end of my freshman year of high school. This year has went by so fast and boy can I say that it was quite the journey. I’ve made new friends, learned new skills, and along the way learned new things. Going into high school I had no idea what to except. I thought that it meant mean people and terrible teachers. Although, I can say that I have had the time of my life and I have explored new experiences. Some of my fears I have conquered. I would have never thought that I would go ice skating ever in my life, but hey I went and even though I failed twice I tried again and succeeded. In conclusion, high school is a storm and a whole new playground, but if you do what makes your life successful and have fun while your doing it you’ll have no problem.

Baby Egg Project 

This project was for my Biomedical Health Class. It was a really testing project that either proves if you really understand the responsibility of being a parent at a very young age. The baby is  being represented by an egg. To show that a baby is fragile and any little injury can cause really big consequences. Such as death. You have to pick the safest carrier for your baby and to be quite honest going into this project I never thought I would get attached to the egg. Though you start to get protective over this egg that is not a real baby. You have to follow the criteria of the project and are allowed to put your personal taste to it. So, this project was a big learning lesson. Taking care of a child at such a young age or at 18 it’s a lot of responsibility especially if your all alone. Though it was interesting for me to try my best not to crack or break my egg.My baby name is Kehlani (I know I spelled it wrong on the paper oops sorry) she is such an inspiration to me and what better way to show her how much I love and appreciate her then naming my egg baby after her 🤗  


Maus Book 2

Q: Write an overall impression of what Vladek went through Auschwitz and how it changed him. How has it affected Artie and Francoise?

A: Can you imagine watching men get shot in front of you? Walking over dead bodies? This is only part of the horrific suffering that Vladek had to live through. Separated from his first love made his life a living hell. Put in these camps where you were either put to work or killed. Only fed little cups of soup and stale bread. However, being as clever and swift on his feet as he was Vladek was able to survive and even get the love of his life back. Having experience in being a tin worker and a shoemaker. Not only did he make shoes he fixed most of the Germans boots which were tore up pretty bad. In return they gave him food and this he shared some and saved. He had saved enough of his cigarettes to get Anja transfer. She looked as pale and skinny as ever. Moving her to the camp he able to take care of her. It has made him more grateful for the things he has and has taught him how not to spend money unless needed. He has been without food and knows how it is. This has affected Artie and Francoise because now knowing all he has been through it still frustrates them when he doesn’t do things the normal way. The way they use is not the way he uses. Instead of throwing away food he trades it. Going through the war has made him learn how to appreciate things and the time you have with people. So, when he starts to try to spend more time with them they seem to like and somewhat dislike the idea. They love him, but yet sometimes can’t stand him.

Maus Book 1

Chapter 1~ Why does Art Spiegelman use mice instead of humans to portray characters in the story? What do the mice represent?

A: Art Spiegelman used mice because they are portrayed by the world as dirty, filthy, or ferocious. The mice are supposed to represent the Jews. During the time of the holocaust the Jews were despised by Hitler and the Nazis. 

Chapter 2~ Why does Ms. Stefanska go to jail? What role did Anja in Ms. Stefanska’s going to jail?

A: Ms. Stefanska was arrested because she was hiding papers that Anja had given her. Anja was fiddling with some Communist paper to her old friends and in a panic she gave the papers to Ms. Stefanska who was then searched by the Gestapo and arrested.

Chapter 3~ What Vladek mean on page 50, when he says , “Well at least did something” Do you believe he is justified in feeling this way? Explain?

A: I believe that this statement could have mixed emotions. Vladek is enlightened because he helped a little to put a stop to the killing of Jews. However, he is  disheartened that he had to take a life.

Chapter 4~ Although Jews were allowed only limited rations under the Nazi occupation, Vladek manages to circumvent these restrictions for a while. What methods does he use to support himself and his family?

A: Vladek was a very clever and swift man. He trades his treasures or gold exchange for food in the black market. Not only that he also go to friends that owe him favors and use that to his advantage.

Chapter 5~ How did Vladek care for Anja after the destruction of the Srodula ghetto? Contrast his behavior towards his first wife, during the worst years of the war, with the way he treats Mala.

A: After the destruction of the Srodula ghetto Vladek did the best he could to take care of Anja. He was going to the black market frequently and he tried to find them a place to stay always. He was more willing to do anything with Anja. Though because he had been through the terrible years during the war he has learned to save and not use every dime he has. This is why he acts towards Mala the way he does because he has been through it and has seen it all. So, he wants her to use the things around her not go buy something new always.

Chapter 6~ Why does Artie call his father a murderer? Is he justified? Who else has he called a murderer,and why?

A: Artie called his father a murdererbecause he burned all of Anja’s, Artie’s Mother, diaries. I believe he is kind of justified because he would have see how he mother lived through the war and how she felt. However, he should also understand that Vladek, his dad, went through hard time and he didn’t want to have a constant reminder of one of the worst times of his life. It would just be a burden. Furthermore, he also calls his mother a murderer because she died holding him tightly. So, he feels responsible. Maybe he feels that she is a murderer because she killed herself. 

Free Express

Day by day there is 1 out of 5 children that deal with depression from a multitude of issues. Not just body images insecurities. Many of people don’t realize what their actions or words can do to an innocent life. One simple comment can cause someone to commit suicide. This needs to stop. Think about what you say before you say it. Just because someone is different from you doesn’t mean you have the right to tell them how “ugly, stupid, or fat” they are. Everyone is special in their own way not that some are special and some are not. Society has been stuck on one track for decades now we have pulled that one track into many different turns.Yet some still haven’t adjusted and may never will. This club focuses on the youth coming up and their aspirations. Whatever they wish to do such as arts and expressing their feelings. We don’t want our future generations to follow a horrific path. Let’s change it while we’re at it.

The Information about the Program : free-express-ppt

Book Review: Love In The Time Of Cholera



Title: Love In The Time Of Cholera

Author: Gabriel García Márque


Awards: The National Bestseller, Oprah’s Book Club

Where you can buy: Barnes & Nobles, Amazon


This strange yet fascinating 🤔 love story is complicated yet simple. The starts off with Dr.Urbino getting a telephone call 📞he answer and is told devastating news, his friend has commuted suicide. This is a lot to take in for Urbino. He calls the lover of his dear friend and she tells him that his friend killed himself because he never wanted to be old.😑 Excuse me? Sir everybody gets old. Next  the story goes on to talk about how Dr.Urbino died which was why trying to catch his talking parrot up in a mango tree. The story goes on to explain the love story between Dr.Urbino’s wife, Fermina Daza. Which if you read it says that Cholera a disease that Fermina was thought to have is the main reason the two became lovers. It went into the past and giving every detail. I can just tell you right now her family wanted her to marry him for the wrong reasons❌. Just because of his job and his money🤑.Florentino, a hopeless man whose in love with Fermina. Though after she rejects him even as they were engaged his love for her never left. As the story goes on it explains how the two slowly fell in love and became husband and wife 💐. This was a magnificent love story that shows that love can prevail. A man whom was madly in love with a woman has kept his love for her for five decades and has not seen any other woman attractive.It can make you cry and be all sappy. It was an amazing story and I recommend it to you to read.

My Interest In Photography 😍

I’ve always had this thing for taking pictures of living things. I’ve been doing some pictures and editing them so here’s so samples. Hope you like it.

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